Absolutely Zinful

For our very first Wine Wednesday this week, I wanted to try something a little out of my comfort zone: a red Zinfandel! Now, maybe a red Zin isn’t something new for you, but I’m realizing I haven’t been as adventurous in wine as I’ve believed myself to be! I typically go for a Cabernet Sauvignon, a merlot, or a Malbec, and leave the “lighter” reds (and especially whites) behind.

So I figure, how can I kick off my new wine club experience before my first shipment arrives? By starting the exploratory wine tasting on my own!

(Seriously, I’m SO excited to start trying new wines every month!)

Red Zinfandels tend to be on the lighter side, body-wise, with a higher alcohol content, a moderate amount of tannins (that dry feeling in your mouth), and a bit more acidity than your typical “big red.”

Now, without further ado, allow me to introduce tonight’s showstopper: The Seven Deadly Zins (2014 Old Vine Zin), by Michael David Winery.

Ooh, ahh!

I enlisted the help of my handsome husband, Russ, to taste this surprising wine with me, and we had so much fun–I highly recommend wine tasting with spouses and friends, guys!

This wine hit us right at the front with a smoky smell that lingered on the nose. Berries, and especially cherries followed, bringing us to oak and licorice at the end.

I, personally, was disappointed to find that delicious, smoky smell didn’t translate to taste. Instead, we found lots of raspberries and cherries, figs, and raisins. A smooth caramel flavor enveloped the berries, with a sweeter, vanilla finish.

Russ and I both agreed that the taste had a bit too much berry at the front for us, and that the darker smell had lured us in for something fruitier than expected. However, we also agreed that it was a tasty wine.

I would drink it. I will drink it. –Brandi   (I did drink it.)

Overall, The W(h)ining Army Wife and her trusty sidekick determined this wine was one that would be amazing with either a yummy, berry cheesecake (according to Russ), or a delicious, chocolate brownie (according to Brandi).intimate indulgence

We agreed it’s definitely a wine to drink with a decadent dessert, especially on a sexy date.

Seven Deadly Zins wins the title:

If you don’t believe us (or maybe if you do), try it yourself!

If you’ve tried The Seven Deadly Zins before, what did you think? Agree with our notes? Disagree? Let me know!

Thanks for w(h)ining with me tonight!


3 thoughts on “Absolutely Zinful

  1. YUM! Maybe I should try a zinfandel…especially if it’s not as dry as you like them. I may go out and buy this wine myself and try to keep up with our wine tastings. I’ll have to recruit my sister as she is becoming a wine drinker (at least Sangria) since we got together a few weeks ago. haha You’re rubbing off on us old people Brans.

    1. Haha that would be fun! Maybe I’ll eventually start doing some love tastings, and we can do them sort of together! I think you’d like this one, though! Very fruity, and not super dry!

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