Midnight In Our Eyes

It’s Wine Wednesday again, and I’m excited to share a delicious wine with y’all–the last free reign wine before my wine club shipment comes in!! (Can you tell I’m excited? You’ll be hearing all about it soon!)

Russ joined me again in tasting one of my favorite varietals: a Cabernet Sauvignon, and, guys, we liked it.

Cabernet Sauvignons are typically a bolder, drier, complex, red wine. They are usually aged in oak anywhere from 9-18 months, and tend to have a rich, dark taste.

Our Cab Sauv tonight is the Nebula Cabernet Sauvignon (2012) by Midnight Cellars.

This wine started off smelling like black pepper, blackberries, dark cherries, and oak. Russ got a hint of banana I didn’t catch, and I caught violets at the end. At the nose, it smelled a lot like a dessert tart, intriguing us to take a sip.

The first sip was so smooth, hugging our tongues, and delivering dark berries to the front. A deep oak permeated the middle and back, leading us to a subtle peach. The taste was not overwhelmingly spicy, with just a hint of clove, and Russ described it as being “almost creamy.”

Such a velvety mouth-feel and oakiness made Russ and me both think of juicy steaks, muchroom wine sauces, braised beef, and dressed-up red-sauce pasta dishes. We couldn’t get over how complex, yet straightfoward the wine was, and would love to see it used with a splurge meal (of the dollar variety). DRESS AND IMPRESS

We both agreed that this Cab Sauv “Nebula” deserves fancy dinner parties (shorts not allowed) and eating rich. Therefore we believe Midnight Cab Sauv Nebula deserves the title:

If you don’t believe us (or maybe if you do) try it for yourself! This is surely a wine to impress your guests. (And it makes a great pairing wine.)

Does this sound like a wine you’d enjoy? Let me know below or on Facebook!

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And thanks for wining with me tonight!