It Ain’t No Bull

I know we tasted a Cabernet Sauvignon last week, guys, but it just so happens that my first wine club shipment came in this week, and, in our excitement to pop that cork, we couldn’t wait to chill the white. So, we tasted another Cabernet! 

And I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a line called Cooking Connections, in which the winery offers a wine named and described around the type of meals they recommend you pair with it. 

Our contender this week is the aptly named Bull and Heifer. (Can you guess the meat you’re recommended to pair?)

This Cabernet is a completely different beast (sorry I’m funny) than the one we tried last week, which I think just goes to show the intense variety within not only the different wine varietals, but even in wines that use the exact same grape! (See? Even winos can be nerds about something.)

Bull and Heifer hit us in the nose with tons of oak. That delicious, smoky scent lingered over the entire sniff, and barely parted enough to allow a hint of soft berries, and maybe a bit of green bell pepper. The smell was resoundingly fresh, and just a bit minty at the front, but overall deeply oaky.

Taking our first sips, we had to pause for a moment, as the wine was so smooth and light as to be almost tasteless at the front. The taste slowly built with (you guessed it) a strong oak flavor, and finished with juicy blueberries and cherries. There was the tiniest, barest hint of spice and flowers, but this Cab was overall like drinking an oaky, juicy pie.

Russ stated that “it even has the look of a woodland-style drink” that lingered in the mouth, and thought the wine would be a great introduction to those who aren’t typically used to a dry red. The lover of dry reds (me) says that it definitely still satisfies her tastes, too.

I cannot describe to you how smooth, unassuming, and relaxing this wine was. It’s not a wine for wowing friends and family–it’s a wine for sitting in (possibly alone), kicking back, and just enjoying. 

Despite being created as a “cooking connection” wine, we think this baby is perfect for drinking solo, but also would be delicious with a spicy braised beef or high-grade street tacos, or maybe even with a (gasp!) lamb and mint jelly.

You drink this wine and you know this wine deserves to be classified: 
If this sounds like your kind of Cabernet Sauvignon, let me know below or on Facebook

The first wine club wine has been a big success, and I cannot wait to see what else this box has in store for me! 

((If you’re curious about the wine club and/or wanna join me in my new, grand adventure, you know where to find me.))

Thanks for wining with me!

3 thoughts on “It Ain’t No Bull

  1. I know NOTHING about any of this, but I trust your judgement, this one sounds like one we should try.
    My daughter (17) and I are future wine enthusiasts, lol. Once she is of legal drinking age and I’m no longer being pregnant or breastfeeding, we are going to begin learning about and trying wines together. We’re so excited!

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