The Oakiest of Them All

Wine Wednesday is here again, and this week, I’m going to be talking about *gasp* a white wine!

Chardonnay is a wine that can be extremely diverse in flavor, depending on when the grapes were picked, how they’re handled, and especially how they’re aged. Riper chardonnays tend to be full of tropical flavors (like pineapple and mango), whereas a less ripe chard will taste more like lemon or green apple. 

I’m not a stranger to Chardonnay, and oaked Chards tend to be my favorite white, so I was excited to find this wine in my box this month!

On the block this week for our Chardonnay is The Oak: The Reserve by California Landscape.

This wine, unsurprisingly, hit me with oak right at the front. With a name like “The Oak,” it was to be expected. Notes of lemon blossom followed, then something a bit more floral, and peachy. The scent rounded out again with oak taking over the finish, so I figured it was time to move on to taste.

The first sip hit me with an acidity I wasn’t expecting, but the mouthfeel was still smooth enough not to have me turning my nose up. Lemon was the strongest taste at the front, with (what else) oak pulling the wine to the back of my mouth. This wine felt warm, almost hugging my tongue as it swirled through my mouth, and gave me the barest hint of spice–possibly nutmeg. Peaches dotted the middle, but this Chard finished strongly with oak.

I was surprised by acidity in my first sip, but found it to be a refreshing white, despite the heavy influence of oak. Swirling the wine in my mouth felt almost like an adventure, exciting, rather than a smooth, calm wine. It reminded me of the sea–not in flavor, but in the journey I took with it.

For this reason, and the great option of pairing it with seafood, I classify The Oak Chardonnay: 

I could see this wine being great for being out by (or on) the water, soaking up the sun, eating something light, but flavorful–like an herbed fish or chicken. 

If you’re looking for a summer sipper with a punch of oak, look no further than this strong contender. 

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  1. I’ve never had chardonnay but the riper variety (tropical-tasting) sounds more like my flavor of choice than oak. That being said, you describe these wines so beautifully that I still want to try them all!!!

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