Who Am I?

I’m the kind of woman who…

  1. Changes diapers on the van floor.
  2. Lets the baby nap in her arms.
  3. Picks up toys and books, but neglects the housework.
  4. Lets the toddler “swim” in dirt in a brand-new dress.
  5. Blogs during naps.
  6. Makes home-cooked dinners every night, but sometimes grabs lunch to-go.
  7. Takes the kids to Target to let the toddler run/pick up every bucket, ball, and water bottle.
  8. Sends a million Snaps of her kids one day, then disappears the next.
  9. Centers life around the toddler’s nap time.
  10. Loves to sit back and observe–really observe–when her family is playing.
  11. Has to schedule everything in her calendar.
  12. Has at least four calendars at all times.
  13. Lets the toddler pick out her own clothes–even if it’s off-season, or the third outfit of the day.
  14. Sings all day.
  15. Makes her toddler use manners religiously.
  16. Gives in to snack requests often.
  17. Takes photos and videos all day.
  18. Tries to say “I love you” often.
  19. Hates the playground.
  20. Doesn’t feel comfortable until a subject has been researched to death.
  21. Hands the baby anything from a spoonful of tomato soup to a strip of pork chop, with (little to) no fear.
  22. Has a glass of wine nearly every night.
  23. Finds “teachable moments” all day long. 
  24. Lets the toddler paint, naked, in the bath tub. 
  25. Hasn’t slept in over two years.
  26. Has high expectations for her kids, husband, and self.
  27. Is willing to change those expectations when reality sinks in.
  28. Laughs when someone falls. (Unless they’re hurt, obviously–I’m not a sadist.)
  29. Makes mistakes.
  30. Designs the crap out of baby rooms, then lets the rest of the house be an eclectic mess.
  31. Has to kiss the husband goodbye and goodnight every time. 
  32. Loves learning new things.
  33. Isn’t afraid to own her parenting (and wife) style.
  34. Can’t end this list too perfectly.

I’m betting if we compared notes, we’d realize how similar we all are–as parents, as spouses, as people. I challenge you to think about the things that make you you. 

Because, at the end of the day, we all do our best, the way we think is best.

And that’s something to celebrate–something to wine about.

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