The Bridge

My second box of club wines has given me new flavors to find, and I was excited to try a new blend for me: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. 

Say what?

This red blend, which first gained speed in Australia, and is now being picked up throughout California, is one you almost wouldn’t expect. Cab Sauv and Syrah are both typically “heavy hitters,” capable of standing on their own, and one would expect a blend of these two varietals to be too heavy and off-balance.

The opposite, however, seems to be the result of this interesting blend!

Our Cab-Syrah blend this week comes from the California Landscape Winery: The Bridge (2015).

This wine hits your nose with berries, right out the gate. Raspberries, and something darker–maybe blackberries–overwhelm your senses. Tobacco, bacon, and cedar arise, toning down the fruit, and making the aroma deeper. The barest hint of pepper tickles your nose, and you’re ready to take a sip.

The first thing we noticed was how smooth this wine is–the front is so light, and more cedar or pine than fruit. That’s not to say the berries–notably raspberries and cranberries–don’t join in after, however. Tobacco or smoke fill the middle, as the tannins make their appearance. Just a hint of pepper touches the back of the tongue. The wine finishes with a light molasses taste and mouthfeel–a bit thicker, something carmalized. 

The Bridge is an interesting combination–at once bold and light, fruity and smoky, tannic and sweet. 

This boldness, that journey your mouth takes, is almost too much for a drinking wine. Russ and I find this Cab-Syrah blend great for pairing. Steak or pork, spicy or buttery–this wine is vibrant and chameleon enough to pair well with just about anything. 

We think it’s a great “seasonal starter”–perfect for these transitional months between summer and fall–and that it would be perfect with turkey and cranberry sauce (hello, Thanksgiving!).

That’s why we’ve given it the nickname: 

If you need me, I’ll be sipping this fun, new friend with my dinner all week!