Things My Toddlers Says

Toddlers are little sponges. 

They can learn anything you set in front of them–shapes, animal sounds, colors, family members, objects, simple concepts, mom’s catch phrases… The list goes on and on. 
One of my favorite things is listening to my girl talk, and hearing the things she picks up, because it’s a window into her brain. I love seeing the wheels turning, and learning what she’s interested in. 

Especially when it’s sharing piggy tails with mama.

But I also, vainly, enjoy learning my own oft-used phrases. Because there’s no better parrot than a toddler. (Except maybe a parrot.)

So here’s a list of some fun things I’ve caught my kid saying. 

  1. Mama hugs? 
  2. Deeeeelicious.
  3. Lily eating mama’s broccoli. (Obviously she has to steal mine.)
  4. Don’t you do it!
  5. Catch me!
  6. Mama, Daddy? You ready?
  7. DAD!
  8. Ohhh, it’s okay, baby!
  9. Go away, Belle! (the most annoying and sweet dog in the world)
  10. (About Kinley) Cheek, cheek, cheeeeeek! 
  11. Who’s that?! (Announcing daddy’s return home.)
  12. Get it, Lily!
  13. Mommy, daddy! Here!
  14. No! Baby! No!
  15. Daddy all done guitar?
  16. Dogs, you kidding me?
  17. Mama sing “Let It Go!” Lily sing “Let It Go!”
  18. [Dogs; remote; boots; Kinley; etc], where are youuuu?
  19. Mama, Dada, Kinley, friend walk?
  20. No, thank you, Dada!
  21. NO KISSES!!
  22. Silly Lily!
  23. Mama soo cute!
  24. Peekagoo! 
  25. *Whispers* Milk and raisins?
  26. Oh, so sweet, baby!
  27. Kinley funny!
  28. One more time!
  29. There you are!
  30. Lily share Kinley.
  31. Mama all done mad?

I could probably go on and on. Especially if I were to mention some of the not-so-favorite phrases we utter here (because toddlers are sponges, and sometimes we forget to watch what we say around them).

What’s something fun you’ve heard a toddler say? 

4 thoughts on “Things My Toddlers Says

  1. For a while when my son posed for a picture or pretended to take one himself he said: “Perfect!”
    Who’s your best friend? “Abe” (because we ask his cousin who her bf is, and she says Abe.)
    He is copying ALL the paw patrol catch phrases now, it’s the cutest. “Chase is ONNNN THE CASE. Rubble onnnn the double. Rocky lose it reuse it.” Etc

    It gets better. When they get older they really start to copy your disciplinarian style and your “threats” with their younger siblings.

  2. I only realised how much we say ‘actually’ when I heard my little nephew say it about 3 times in a sentence – ‘actually I don’t want juice’! He was so cute though!

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