Falling for Pinot Grigio

As you all know, I’m a big red kinda gal, so, when faced with a Pinot Grigio, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Interestingly, there are three different types of Pinot Grigio–dry and minerally, dry and fruity, and fruity and sweet–depending on the growing climate of the grapes and the fermentation styles. The colder the climate, the drier and more minerally your Pinot will be. And only one region in France is typically found making Pinot Grigio in the “sweet and fruity” style.

So, being that our wine this week comes from California, I was I surprised to find a drier, fruitier white in California Landscape’s Pinot Grigio, named The Falls.

This Pinot instantly smelled of honey. The aroma immediately reminded us of cider, with the strong honey and apple aromas. However, lemon and grapefruit appeared, toning the sweetness and bringing out the acidity of the wine. Something tropical, like a pineapple or juicy pear pulled us into tasting.

The first thing we noticed about this wine was its texture. This wine glided over our tongues, smooth and light, almost oily in the way it never seemed to cling. The tannins were there, but hidden under smooth fruit, and butterscotch. The taste was almost caramel, but sharper, melding into apples and lemons, and finishing with a hint of lemongrass. 

The Falls Pinot was light, but somehow bold in flavor. The texture so smooth we thought it would be a sin not to share. 

This wine would be perfect for pairing with a meal that’s heavy in spices and herbs–a calm wine for a bold meal. I picture Moroccan, Indian, Chinese. 

I immediately wished I had opened it for our Moroccan Chicken the night before, because this wine is wonderful for enhancing and boosting the flavors of a delicious meal.

We could also match it with a lighter-flavored dessert–something like cheesecake–something to let the Pinot shine. 

The Falls Pinot Grigio is an accessible, crowd-pleasing wine that would be great for entertaining, which is why we’ve labeled this beauty:

Any Mario fans?

If you’re looking for the perfect entertaining wine, you’ve found it in The Falls Pinot Grigio. Your guests will love it.

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