Life With Babies

Before having babies, you have a completely different view on life. You think you’re broke. You think you don’t have time. You think you’re tired. You think you don’t have freedom.

And then you have babies, and you realize how incredibly wrong you were. 

If you’re anything like Russ and me, you realize how much time and how many opportunities you sort of wasted, thinking you couldn’t manage it.

Why couldn’t we take weekend trips to nearby cities? Why couldn’t we go on more out-of-country trips? (Granted, this is also an army problem.) Why couldn’t we garden? Why couldn’t we cook more? Why couldn’t we go for more walks, or learn how to dance together, or pick up new hobbies? Or. Or. Or.

It was only after having a baby—and especially two—that we realized we had so much freedom pre-babies.

The funny thing is, too, that we’ve become so much more adventurous—so much more carefree—in the years post-babies. 

We take tons of walks. We go on fairly long drives. We learn new things together. 

We rarely spend a full day at home.

And it’s all come from realizing we can’t let fear or exhaustion or money stand in our way of having a good time, and enjoying each other more fully.

Do we have some “could’ve-would’ve-should’ve” choices we wish we’d made? Sure. But do we resent where we are now because of those missed opportunities? No. 

We now know we can still experience those things we neglected as young, free people. Maybe later in life, and maybe a bit more encumbered (by children, by worries, etc), but they’re not off the table yet.

It’s taken us five years and two babies to finally see the potential in everywhere we go, and everything we do.

And I can’t wait for the adventure.