The Vanishing Chardonnay

Hello, Wine Wednesday! Let’s talk about a French Chardonnay, shall we?

This week’s wine is called Point de Fuite, which is French for the “vanishing point.” It comes from a region of France called Pays d’Oc, nestled between steep slopes and the winds of the Mediterranean.

The Point de Fuite immediately gave us lemon and green apples at the nose. We continued sniffing, finding it hard to smell past the overwhelming citrus, and eventually conceded that there was nothing more to find.

The taste was exactly as expected–fruity and bold. Lots of lemons and apples curled around our tongues, hinting at pears and maybe the odd banana. The taste was clean and crisp, despite tasting so juicy. A bit of sweetness lingered at the back, making us think of fruit cocktails. 

This Chardonnay was smooth, well-balanced, and fruity throughout every moment. 

To us, it’s great for sipping–especially after you’ve put the kids to bed, but we really think it’d make a great appetizer wine. Pair this fruity friend with cheese and crackers and prosciutto to counter the sweet, and you’ve got a delicious combination. This is why we’ll call this baby:

How does a fruity, yet surprisingly crisp, Chardonnay sound to you? Are you looking for a wine-and-cheese night? (Most importantly: will you be inviting me?)

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