Oh, Angeline!

Our wine this week was chosen by my sweet husband when I (gasp!) ran out, and just before his parents came to town! Obviously I was pleased when he came home with a Cabernet Sauvignon (have we talked about Cabs before?), and was even more pleased when his parents agreed to join us for our tasting!

So, without further ado, our Wine Wednesday is in tribute, this week, to a Californian (2014) Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon called Angeline:

Hello, beautiful.

This wine immediately divulged scents of smoke and oak–which is one of my favorite kinds of Cab. Vanilla followed soon after, and we thought of rose bushes and violets. Only after many sniffs and concentration could we determine the underlying cherry aroma–this was not a fruity-smelling wine!

At the mouth, we got spices and nuts right at the front, with caramel and molasses filling the middle. Cherry was again present, but again as more of an undercurrent than the main event. A subtle fig taste lingered at the throat, and bacon finished us off. 

Angeline was a smooth, overall smoky, wine, with subtle fruit and enough tannins to please the dry-lovers, but not so much as to deter the sweet-fans. 

After some brainstorming, we dubbed this wine:

Complex this wine is not. It’s reminiscent of spaghetti dinners and easygoing company; small, family affairs with a bottle of wine to lighten the mood and enhance the meal. It’s a yummy wine best suited for daily consumption: don’t break out the china, but it definitely deserves more than paper plates!

Sound like a wine you could enjoy on the daily? Let me know below or on Facebook!