First Baby VS Second Baby

When you have a second kid, especially when they’re close in age, you become immediately aware of how differently you need to treat them than you did the first.

Partly because you know better now. Mostly because you just don’t have the time or energy orhands to give to every little detail.

Let’s talk about some the differences I’ve seen in my own parenting style:

First baby: I can never leave the house with this precious, delicate cargo!

Second baby: I need to go to the store–let’s go, baby!

First baby: It’s cold outside! This baby needs 832 layers of clothing to protect it from freezing!

Second baby: Oh, shoot, I almost forgot to put socks on you, baby.

First baby: Look at all these super adorable clothes my baby will wear!

Second baby: Look at these super functional clothes my baby wears. Also, most of them are hand-me-downs (if you’re lucky, like we were!).

First baby: She needs a bath every night!

Second baby: I think the kids got a bath this week…

First baby: We have a five-step bedtime routine established already, and it’s perfect!

Second baby: Um, she’s asleep.

First baby: We’re finally leaving the house, can’t forget diapers, and wipes, and burp cloths, and extra clothes, and extra socks, and toys, and blankets, and snacks, and maybe a hat…..

Second baby: Oh, ha! I almost forgot to grab more wipes–oops!

First baby: Oh my gosh, she won’t sleep! *Continues struggling with the crib FOREVER*

Second baby: Well, she doesn’t want to sleep in the crib right now. *Brings the baby into our bed*

First baby: Look at this baby staring at a toy! She’s amazing! Oh, wow! She swatted it!

Second baby: When did she start crawling??

First baby: She’s going to be eating soon–I need to research Baby-Led Weaning and everything about it and look up recipes to cook special snacks for her!

Second baby: Look at that, she’s six months old! Here, have this food from my plate–that’s all we did, right?

First baby: She’s crying! Hurry, help her!

Second baby: She’s crying! Hurry, she’ll wake her sister!

First baby: It’s almost nap time, I can’t leave the house now/ever!

Second baby: It’s almost nap time, but the baby is just gonna have to fall asleep in the car, I guess.

First baby: Breastfeeding is sohard.

Second baby: Oh, she latched. Oh, she’s done.

First baby: It’s been two hours–I need to nurse the baby!

Second baby: Oh, look! It’s been three hours–I probably should nurse the baby.

First baby: She’s going to need a jumper, and a play mat, and a walker, and a bouncer, and a swing, and an ErgoBaby, and a stroller, and……

Second baby: Eh, we probably have what we need already. Maybe a double stroller.

First baby: I’m going to get a jogging stroller, so I can start running and stay healthy, while still spending time with my precious baby!

Second baby: Double jogging stroller?? Hell no. I didn’t even run with the single! I’ll be fine.

First baby: I need a break–I’m so tired. *Cries silently while still holding the baby*

Second baby: I NEED A BREAK. NOW. *Distracts the baby and toddler, and makes a break for it, probably to eat chocolate*

First baby: Why are you so f***ing cute?? I love you so much!

Second baby: Why are you so f***ing cute?? I love you so much!

What’d I miss? Anything good?