Princess of Them All

I got a new case of wine, y’all, and I am excited. There’s just something about having a nearly-fully-stocker wine cabinet that makes the sound happy. So, in order to choose the first of twelve new wines I’d never tried, I decided to go with the prettiest and most intriguing label.

Yes, I judged a wine by its label.

(And was so right.)

When faced this week with a wine varietal called mauzac, I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of it–and most outside the small region in France where it’s produced (I learned in my research) haven’t ever tried it!

Mauzac is a wine found very seldom outside the Limoux region of France, and is most commonly used in making a sparkling wine (quite possibly the first sparkling wine ever–like, it’s probably inspired the creation of Champagne) called blanquette de Limoux.

Our mauzac for this week comes from Georges Vigouroux, and is called Princesse Joyeuse (2016).

This baby was immediately citrusy and grapes on the nose. We were getting hints of pineapple and lemon–something tropical and light. A pinch of violet and green tea rounded out this intriguing aroma, and begged us to take a sip.

The first taste was “smooth like butter” on the tongue, despite leaving behind tastes of pineapple and lemons, and the occasional melon. The taste was all citrus, all tropical, that lingered on the tongue until it dissolved into just-sweet honey flavors.

This wine was simple–very straightforward–but the flavors worked in harmony so beautifully, and the tastes and textures were so well-balanced and complete, that it was heaven to drink.

This wine reminded me of tropical sunsets and spring flowers (who doesn’t love a little dose of spring while the leaves are falling?). It was perfect for easy drinking, and would be delicious as a sangria–you almost don’t need to add more fruit!

Princesse Joyeuse would pair beautifully with light and bright flavors–like a fruity cheesecake or a simple chicken dish.

This wine is so yummy, it’s dangerous. Which is why we’ve deemed it:

You could easily drink the whole bottle before you knew what had happened–and, in fact, it was probably the quickest-consumed bottle we’ve had in a while in the DeWitt home!

Does this sound like a wine you’d love? Let me know below or on Facebook!