Just Run.

Steady, steady.

Get in rhythm.

In, two, three.

Out, two.

In, two, three.

Out, two.

Swing, swing, swing, swing.

Arms forward; hands open; head up.

Feel the rhythm.


My newest obsession has been to listen to flamenco music while I run. (Y’all should know by now my other obsession: all things Spain.)

The way the music flows and stops, picking its way through, faster and faster, getting more and more complicated, has an effect on me that no other music does.

I don’t have an easy time running.

I don’t have an easy time working out at all–which is why I’ve chosen running as my go-to: there’s little fuss involved, and I just have to do it.

But it’s not easy for me.

Even after I’ve already set out on a run (which is a feat in itself), I still have to continue to motivate myself.

I have to set myself on a long path, so there’s no short-cutting. I have to pace myself, so I don’t use exhaustion as an excuse. I have to set my breathing, my footfalls, to a steady beat, so I don’t distract myself getting into rhythm. I have to set mini goals the entire time.

I have to remind myself that I didn’t get myself and two kids up and out the door to day care so I could only run a mile.

And I have to listen to music that lets me tune out, even as it builds me up.

Without all these motivators together, running doesn’t happen.

And my mind needs it as much as my body does.

So I press on, using every little trick I know to keep myself going, because I know it’s worth it in the end.

In, two, three.

Out, two.

In, two, three.

Out, two.


What do you use for motivation for your less-than-inspiring tasks?