Five Years of Love

Five years ago today, I was marrying the man of my dreams.

(Gag, I know. But it’s our anniversary, and it’s true!)

I didn’t realize then just how lucky I was to have found him.

We were in love, and smitten, and ready to take on the world together, but we didn’t know each other then like we do now.

We were babies, and barely knew each other eight months before our wedding day, but we knew it was right. We knew we would be amazing together.

And we are.

Russell is my rock. He’s my biggest cheerleader–always pushing me to be my best; to find what I love and to do it. He’s the best father I could ever have conjured for my children.

He’s the kind of husband who calls just to ask about my day; who never stops thinking about our future; who laughs at my dumb jokes (and makes plenty of his own); who switches shifts all night with the baby; who always asks if there’s more he can do for me or for our girls; who never underestimates me and always lets me know I’m appreciated.

Russ simply amazes me.

And we’ve done a lot of cool things together. And make two beautiful babies. Like move across the country, twice. And drive across Andalucía in Spain for our honeymoon.And survive a deployment.

And go on a Caribbean cruise.

And have our first baby.

And have our second baby.

And everything in between. We’ve had an amazing, whirlwind five years, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for our little family.

All I know is that I am incredibly grateful to be navigating this life with such an amazing human being.

Simply put, Russ, you’re my favorite person. Here’s to the next–eh, let’s say five?–years ahead of us!