Strong, But Cozy

Hello, fellow w(h)iners! It’s Wine Wednesday again, and this week is not Thanksgiving week.


Which means, I have time to sit down and write a post about the nice, little red Russ and I have been indulging in this week!

Our wine for this chilly Wednesday is a Tempranillo, hailing from–can you guess?–Spain!

This baby, Fuerza de la Tierra (meaning Strength of the Earth), is actually pretty different from the Tempranillo we talked about last time, which reveals the really fun part of wine, in my opinion–that you don’t always know what you’ll get, even from a specific varietal!

Upon sniffing this wine, you immediately find smoke–but not a heavy, tobacco smoke; more like oak and vanilla. The scent is warm and inviting, like a burning fireplace in a log cabin.

Delving into taste, however, reveals a mouthful of fruit. Cherries and raspberries dominate, jammy and ripe. Vanilla adds a richness, a warmth. The mouthfeel is smooth from start to finish, gliding quietly to a slightly sweet ending.

This wine is for cuddling under a blanket, by a fire–for sipping and enjoying, and warming up the soul.

“With a cheesecake,” Russ adds. “But you always want cheesecake,” I chide.

This Tempranillo would pair well with a red meat, something tasty and chocolatey, or, yes, a cheesecake.

Because it brings visions of fires and cuddling and warmth, we’re calling this wine:

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