Easy, Breezy Pinot Noir

You all know how much I love a good sipping wine, right? Well, this week, we’re talking about another great on to add to your list of “just because” wines, and this time it’s a Pinot Noir!

Pinot Noir tends to be a pricey wine due to the difficulty in growing the grape, and can vary greatly in color, taste, and texture, depending on where the wine is coming from! Californian Pinots (as we’re about to try) tend to be pretty bold, compared to their European (and even American!) cousins.

Our Pinot this week comes from a winery in California called Cannery Row Cellars, and it’s a lovely little number. (Much like it’s label.)

This baby started us off with a deeply cherry nose, just hinting at a spice, some smoky tobacco, and cranberries.

The taste was much of the same: lots of cherries and tobacco. An interesting taste of cola punched through the middle, bringing an almost-sweetness through smoke. This smooth wine then glider around the mouth into a rich, peppery finish, leaving you with just the perfect balance of fruit and spice.

This light Pinot Noir is smooth, seductive, fruity, spicy, and oh so tasty. I practically chugged it.

True story.

Just because this beauty will go with lots of foods (think red meat, pasta, chicken), doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for sipping. Which is why we’ve called this lovely:

Seriously, go have a glass. Or two. You won’t be disappointed.