Winter Rosemary Sangria

You guys.

I found it.

The most delicious sangria.

(And you should know by now how much I love sangria in general.)

Doesn’t that look amazing? Because it is.

This recipe for Cranberry-Rosemary Sangria took a little bit more work than your typical sangria, but it was so worth it.

I would never have thought to make sangria with rosemary, but it makes for the freshest, most flavorful sangria.

The only things we changed about the original recipe linked below is that we added about 1/4C of brandy, because we like a sangria with a kick, and that we let it steep for a day or so, because we like our sangria to stand out in a crowd.

You can follow this link to the original recipe, where Jerry James Stone lays it all out for you beautifully.

And I would strongly urge you to try it. We couldn’t stop raving about it to each other the entire time we drank it.

Next time, we’re tripling the recipe.

What do you think? Will you be trying this beauty? (If so, can I come over?)

**Photo credit: Jerry James Stone, because ours was gone before I thought to take a picture.**