Sweet ‘n’ Lovely

For Wine Wednesday this week, I dusted off a bottle I’d been avoiding, because it’s good for us to step out of our comfort zones, right?

When I saw this German Riesling in my case, I thought for sure it would have to be a Russell-only wine, but what I found surprised me!

Our star wine this week is a 2015 Süßen (pronounced ZOOH-sin) Riesling–appropriately named “sweeten” in German, because this off-dry wine has the perfect amount of sweetness.

At the nose, this wine started us off with apples and lemons, grass and vanilla, and melon and apricot. The aroma was slightly tart, slightly sweet, and very inviting.On the tongue, it was just as fresh as it smelled–bringing us in with melon and grape, leading us through to peach (or maybe apricot), and finishing with green apples. It almost sparkled at the front, luring is slowly into the sweet flavors of fruit. Every taste was a little different, leaving us more to discover every time–it was intriguing, yet somehow familiar and cozy.This Riesling continued developing on the back of the tongue long after we’d finished our sips, leaving a smooth sparkle of just-sweet fruit behind.It’s a fun wine–something you use to as an appetizer, a party-starter. It’s bright and bubbly in flavor, and sparks conversation and smiles, which is why we’ve deemed Süßen Riesling:

Looking for a fun, yet enchanting wine? Let me know when you’ve tried it!